An Affordable User Experience & Communication Strategy
- Finding Nemo

You’ve finally launched your brilliant idea with a WordPress site and have set up intercom. You are now patiently waiting for the marketer/the idea to do the magic of conversions. Well, congrats on that first achievement. The user experience show has just begun! Some random users ping you but no one seems to be interested or coming back, aren’t crossing the first stage of your conversion funnel? Confused? Here’s where most marketers worth is questioned. Sometimes founders even wonder about the market potential and start blaming the team or the industry or even the country!

Here’s a small strategy for such founders and marketers. Feel free to try this instead of purchasing that 999$ software that promises conversion with automation and delivers nothing. No doubt there are a million other ways to understand, segment and communicate. This is how I do it and what has worked for me, this may work for you. I’d say, if this user strategy works, may be the automation software is not needed at all.

I’ve made it connected to a simple story of Finding Nemo. All our potential customers/users are Nemos’ our mission is to find these nemos. I’ve defined characteristics according to the movie characters.

Segmentation Strategy:

All the users signing up should fall into a bucket/tag. We tag the user according to the characteristics, the description of characters/tags are below. The goal of the user journey on intercom/any other chat software is to move from Crush/Squirt to Nemo. We upload this data to GA and track more details of their interactions with us on our website.

The Story:. Let’s assume all of our users want to be a superstar Nemo. Visitors who are these characters who come to our website want to be Nemos. Our job is to convert All the Crushes, Squirts to successful Nemos.

Custom attributes/ Segmentation:

1. Crush : The guy who surfs, says hi or just visits our website and may not necessarily come back

2. Dory: The surfer who doesn’t understand us or has no clue of what and who we are.

3. Squirt : The buddy, who visits, does not sign up, pings us his query and slips away

4. Bubbles: Visits, signs up, Initiates conversation, get's info and does not return back. (Ex: People who know what we do and how we work and almost can be converted to a potential paying user)

5. Nemo: Signs up, frequent/loyal visitor, likes us, most likely to return back. Loyal Users.

These are some examples. Choose any of your favorite movie characters to segment according to users characteristics.

Messaging and Positioning:

All of the intercom/chat software interactions will be tagged as per the characteristics and positioned accordingly.

1. Match the behavior

2. Tag Users behavior, location, Interests, Kids, spouse's name

3. Initiate Auto Email Rule, try discussing with the communications team to implement the same

4. Monitor Conversions and change segment to Offers and Convert tag

In short, the communication strategy looks like this:

Communication Strategy:

Entertain > Educate > Offer > Convert

In short, the Workflow looks like this.


Tag on Intercom/any software you use for email collection > Segment User according to behavior > Communication Plan according to user behavior > Clear segmenting and converting funnel.

Communication Rule of the ocean:

All the Crushes, Dorys, Squirts > Entertain

All the Gurgles, > Entertain, Educate, Offer

All the Bubbles > Offer, Convert

Ex: Has email id….gaurav@gmail.com

Last browsed page matches: /listing/cricket

Kids name: Rahul

Email to be sent: Example below

Tagged as : Offer, Gurgle/Bubbles, Sports, Cricket

An example email may look like this,

Hi Gaurav, Rahul is set to be a cricket miracle. We’d love to let you know about the event that is happening at xxx and we really think that this will be suitable for your family.

Here is something interesting to read

The Best Cricket Events Happening in the City this month - Blog

Convert and Pitch for payment.

Ex: Did you know you can book your cricket tournament by making a payment directly on our website!

Teams to be involved: Content team to make Entertain, Educate and Convert Pitching Emails.

Scroll down for audit metrics to be monitored.....

Image credit: visualhunt.com

The Audits:

  • CTR
  • Conversion Rate
  • Bounce rate
  • Lead to signup conversion rate
  • No of Leads
  • No of Leads through email
  • Contacts Lost
  • Device Type
  • Email Client % distribution
  • No of Unsubscribes

Average Industry Metrics to be looked at measuring rate (Apprx)

Open rate: 22.11%

Click rate: 3.06%

Unsubscribe rate: 0.30%

Additionally, you may use Zapier or IFTT to make some auto rules that will help you collect the data after the campaign is initiated. Zapier makes it easy to collect data automatically with revamped segments and tags

We create these rules: A specific tag attached to a user is collected automatically in a specific report sheet

Ex: User Tagged as Gurgles with interest Cricket on intercom to be automatically collected in Google sheet named Gurgle report category sheet: Cricket

Collecting this data the analytics team will come up with a report of flow of users and where the numbers stand on each character

User KPIs Dashboard:

No of Crushes : No of Nemos: No of Gurgles: No of Bubbles: No of any characters converted to Nemos:

Auto Email Open rate: Email Reply Rate: Trending Email Open rate: Trending Email Reply rate:

Major Last viewed pages:

Hope this helps you save a penny in that tight budget :)

Happy 2017, may this 2017 be filled with more user-focused approach and less money :) ;)

Best, Saif