How a 5 second test revealed a bunch of user problems

The Problem:

Users tend to get lost and conversion is in turn being affected.

There is huge traffic but only 2% of them are sending an enquiry.

There seems to be a good organic traffic and interest but users tend to not return.


Whenever someone approaches me and tells me this. I question a lot. I question about the problem the company,website/app is trying to solve. I ask these simple questions.

Who is your customer? What is the problem we are solving? I usually observe the answers to get a hunch of how good is the person understanding the value of user.

Here is a client (name kept private) who said “ We have an excellent product and we want more conversions”

I try my best to understand the problem that the website is solving so that I can understand the users perspective. I understood that the user is definitely in need of the solution which is why the organic traffic seems to be great.

Research, Brainstorm

What We did :

We quickly did a five second test as team ourselves by asking different people around in the building and found that there are many problems that they had when trying to connect to the product. We also added it up for user testing and tried finding out what the users say when put up online for testing. We refined the targeting according insights of the product from the founders, team interviews and some random users we walked up to.

We tried understanding where were the major drop offs happening?

Here's what one of the observations looked like:

FM userflo.png

In order to get a holistic view of how the information architecture has been built, we drew the entire architecture as shown below on paper.

FlyMedi - SiteMap.png

I used draw.io for drawing the initial sitemap and figuring out issues. Here are the demographics and sample data that showed the problems users were facing. We used usertest.io for interviews and user testing as per the budget constraints.


The questionnaire:

Was it easier for you to find the treatment you were looking for?

What were the roadblocks while you were browsing?

What do you think you need for you to get convinced to send an enquiry

How would you rate your overall experience (1-5, 1 - Extremely Good, 5 - Very Bad )

Additional questions that came to your mind while you were performing the test.

The data:

Average Duration:4 seconds
No of People who got it right20%
No of People who were not clear on what the value is80.73%
Majority of People CountryUK

This data revealed that majority of users were having a hard time understanding the landing page concept.

The Results:

Observations when users were asked to browse the site included:

  • Users tend to get confused when looking at Page not found message when looking at different unsuitable listings

  • Some tend to ignore the learn more button

  • Are spending on an average time of 1.5 minutes to navigate to the conversion point

  • Felt the need to know little more than what is explained on the home page about travel

  • Feel that the navigation was challenging as it limits the search options

  • Positive about the company name

  • Sceptical about trust

  • Positive about the site being useful

  • All the participants tend to ignore the sub header menu (About | Find Treatments | Hospital) and jump straight to the search bar.

Actionable Items:

The test results and the data were startling and gave us direction on why conversion is being lost. This made us realize that the whole positioning and making users get to the conversion point was being blocked by ourselves.

The first step we took was to revamp the information architecture for example highlighted treatments in the main menu instead of being hidden in a sub menu. We made several wireframes and prototypes to enhance this.

We then moved on to revamping other pages according to observations we made. This is how a 5 second test made us realize the entire strategy for User experience.

Have you had any major revelation which started with a 5 second test? I'd be glad to hear.