How we designed identity with User Experience &

I strive to understand the problem the organization is trying to solve at the beginning, then try to come up with keyword ideas which connect to the users for long term benefits.

My typical logo designing process looks like this:

Problem> User & Industry Research> selected keywords> brainstorm> Drawing concepts> Conduct user test> finalize design

Hurray!! you have a logo and an identity that is focused on your problem and in sync with your users, also approved by the users! Isn’t that the best one you can get?


From the clients brief, I recorded the problem as below.


Lots of students out of college do not have a way to figure out what they are really good at

  • Students and professionals out of college spend years trying to understand what they’re good at ending up wasting years in a profession that doesn’t touch their hearts end up being nomads or lost in making a solid LinkedIn profile.

  • Existing solutions are either freelancing projects which anyways require highly professional people to work with or are companies who are looking for some serious work to be done. 20 out of 32 people we asked are unsatisfied with the current experience, 6 people didn’t care.

  • Freshers have a hard time trying to

  • Become good at one thing

  • Rephrasing it to another domain

  • Changing it to something else.

  • End up not liking life

Research, Brainstorm

Here’s how a freshers world looks like.

Try marketing>try coding> gets marketing job> is interested in design> frustrated with marketing job> takes up a coding job> frustrated with code> starts a side project for design> Hustles for few years> Ends up being a designer, finally!

Here’s how freshers world looks like with FreeWork.org

Chooses a field according to their personality> Get’s connected to professionals> Works for free to figure out if this is what he really wants to do for the rest of the life?

An average person spends 3-4 years just trying to figure out what they really want to do!

Benefits: Freshers get a chance to showcase their work and get feedback instantly> Professionals get their work done for free!!

I usually spend three hours looking for the industry research and trends, if there’s anything existing already. I found that there hasn’t been any solution that is an exact match. I also interviewed the founder team on how they visualize the identity and how does it relate to the user experience. I found out that there’s a catch in this type of users.

My Learnings:

– There is a chance that these users may get confused with other freelancing or marketplace websites as the concept can be misunderstood.

– Designing an easy to use and intuitive experience for someone who is new to the tech world

– Keeping freshers and professionals on the same platform so that their real world experiences match the website functionalities.

– Making sure we stand out from the already closely related solutions

Here are the Keywords I collected

Free, Work, keyboard, Platform, Connection, Freedom, Choice, Education

The inspiration came from different sources: One of them which the team liked was this










Prototype, UserTest

I created both the logos and started a user test about these options. I questioned the users to relate and decide which they’d choose and which are recognizable to the brand values. Users responded with these numbers.

  • More than 60% agreed that the second shot was related to education as they identified it with the cap of education (This wasn’t expected! )

  • More than 63.4 % said that the first shot was appearing as to do list ( This was also unexpected!! )

  • More than 70% voted for the second shot being related to the brand! ( This was also unimaginable)

In fact, I was more inclined towards the first shot, but hell yeah! The users always win!

So we went for the second shot for the identity. Here’s the final identity design that was decided.


What were your unexpected results? Share some below!

PS: Freework.org is still an early stage startup. You might see them live very soon!