How we improved leads and launched internationally

The Problem:

At Pisano, we haven’t done any marketing or experience design but were able to generate leads through physical outbound practices. When it comes to online, we were lagging behind in understanding the users and optimizing accordingly. We wanted to understand how to break this knowledge gap and also wanted to launch internationally.

Here is how the site looked when we started working

The Challenges:

  • No data of audience behaviour and analysis.

  • No direction of how design practices were to be connected to user experience.

  • Launching internationally without understanding audience seemed impossible.

  • No answers to what the users wanted or liked

My Role:

As a User Experience Researcher I was hired to make things easier and clearer. I was to start Competitor Research, Personas, User Research, User Testing & Interviews, Wireframes. high-fi mockups, low-fi to high-fi interactive prototypes, productization, roadmapping, content strategy from scratch. I took up this as a challenge to drive the entire user experience strategy.

Tools Used: Google Analytics, Illustrator, Photoshop, wireframe.cc, Invision, Pen & Paper.

My Process:


Understanding the user segment and creating personas:


  • Sales Cycle and Behavior Analysis in Turkish Market - Will lead to Optimizations

  • Analysis on closer markets to have international operations

    • Dubai, Qatar, Abu Dhabi

      • Hospitality

      • Restaurant

    • Paris, London, Germany

      • Hospitality

      • Retail

      • Restaurant

  • Targeted Online Community/Traffic Building

  • Online Sales Funnel Development & Analysis

  • Online Sales Funnel & Pricing Optimizations

Target Personas:

  • Restaurant Owners

  • Hotel Owners

  • Retail Outlet brands

  • Small and Medium Businesses

Research, Brainstorm


Quantitative Research - Website & Analytics Audit: We performed a quantitative audit of how the existing website is performing, reviewing what is, and is not, performing well, where users are dropping off.

Here is how the existing things looked like



Our highest acquisition channel is Direct - Contributing 30.92% ( Range: Dec1st 2015- April 8th 2016)

Referral traffic majorly is not referral but our own traffic - 26.52%

Actionable : Caution while measuring the actual value of referrals need to be maintained to help us establish real value of these referrals during future audits.

Organic traffic is majorly not provided. Actionable: A webmaster console and set up connected in Analytics needs to be done to explore more details of the organic traffic.

Bounce rates and Average session duration is more or less trending in the same numbers across channels with average of 80% Bounce and session duration of 45 secs.


91.2% out of the 99.8% traffic which landed on the homepage were drop offs. This means only a very minimal 8.6 % of people actually went on the quote page to send an enquiry.

Here is some more research we did to understand the market better

By understanding and brainstorming these questions and concerns we decided to sketch the solution by keeping these observations in mind.


User Personas with User flow:

We as a team thought it was important for everyone in the team to understand the flows and hence decided to draw this out. This is an overview of how the users will come and flow through our website and fall in the conversion buckets. These are divided as per the source to explain the flow.


Direct Traffic: Persona2: Someone who already has heard about us and is wanting to know more about the product or is wanting to catch up with us, is in consideration stage.


Paid advertising: Persona3: Someone who has looked and clicked on our Ad, lands on one of our product landing pages (15 pages that we come up with)


Social Media: Persona4: Someone who has liked us on social media, is emotionally linked to us and is directed to our resources parts of the site flow.

Refferral Traffic: Persona5: Has seen us on our partnering sites (We will be partnering with some websites with high authoritative and search rankings in the coming days for SEO purposes)

Email, Newsletter audience:

Persona6: This is a persona who is already aware of our product and is in consideration stage. Needs push on product offers, updates, fresh content and useful info. mostly will be directed towards different places through AB testing to see which gets full conversion.

  • All of the flows will be tracked and tested with optimization and metric tools. A weekly understanding of user flow and behaviour is to be monitored closely.


After much brainstorming and feedback from the team we came up with a final list of how we wanted our new websites experience to be according to the insights we already have.



We used wireframe.cc for wireframing and invision for prototyping. Above is one of the wireframing versions we came up with.


The Results:

  • By completely revamping the user journeys and flows we were at a higher risk of confusing users, but we made sure that we did this in phases.

  • We used usertesting.com for testing purposes which provided great insights continously.

  • More than 50% of users agreed that the new designs were extremely user friendly and easy

  • More than 70% users liked the new experience of enquiring about the product.

  • More than 53% said that the new landing page was easier to understand.

  • Our conversions improved upto 26% in the second month.

  • We were confident that we were now matching international standards, so we also launched our first UK campaigns with marketing team.

My Learnings

I learned that user experiences can be built from scratch although it seemed impossible at the begining.

As it was a turkish website, I had challenges comprehending langauge but with great co-operation from very friendly developers, designers and marketing It was all made possible

I also learned that great UX has no barriers of language and culture

I learned that with a great team effort anything can be built

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